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Response to Which? report / Mirror article

ABDO response to Which? report

Commenting on the Which? report on optometric services on the high street, Clive Marchant of ABDO said: “I am very surprised and disappointed by the Which? report published today  (17 October) on optometric services as I do not believe it truly represents the service available to patients in most practices.

“At ABDO we understand the importance of a first class eye examination conducted by our optometrist colleagues and our general experience is that those examinations are ones that the public can have confidence in.

“We are however very keen to point out that only registered dispensing opticians or optometrists are able to ensure that all spectacles are correctly dispensed to provide optimum vision and we urge the public to ensure that they are only dispensed by a properly qualified professional optician.

“Our very strong advice to anyone seeking to purchase spectacles is to always ask to be seen and dispensed by a registered professional.”

ABDO response to Mirror article

Following the recent article in the Mirror, the Association of British Dispensing Opticians has written to express disappointment at the article. Our advice to patients is that, while you can shop around, if you do order glasses online you risk ending up with a pair of spectacles that doesn’t give you great vision. The numbers on your spectacle prescription form are only part of the story. If you visit an optical practice and speak to the registered dispensing optician, they will assess the fit of the frame. They will discuss the wide range of different lenses available to you, and explore what meets your needs. Importantly, the dispensing optician will ensure that the lenses are centred correctly. If you are not looking through the correct part of the lens, you may simply have sub-optimal vision, but you can also end up with eye strain, headaches and fatigue. The correct fitting of both frames and lenses is vital, and more so if you have a high prescription or need varifocal lenses. In both these cases the dispensing optician will take further measurements to ensure you have the best pair of specs that suit your individual needs. A visit to your optician is not just about getting the cheapest pair of specs: the eye examination is a vital health check for a range of conditions that can affect not just the eyes but the whole body. It is a false economy to try to cut costs with your health.

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