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Tickets and prices

Ceremony tickets
No charge will be made for graduands to attend the ceremony. Graduands can order up to three guest tickets at the standard price of £20.00 per ticket, plus two extra guest tickets at the higher price of £25.00 per ticket.

Celebration Reception tickets
The price for the optional Celebration Reception is £15.00 per ticket for each graduand and each of their guests. Please note graduands are also required to pay for their personal ticket if they wish to attend the Celebration Reception.

On the day, tickets can be collected at the ceremony registration desk, which will be open from 4.00pm to 5.30pm, in the Kentish Barn reception area, which is located within the International Study Centre. Your gown can then be collected from Ede & Ravenscroft staff in the adjacent Clagett Auditorium.

All graduands and guests wishing to enter the Cathedral, and those attending the Celebration Reception, must have a ticket to gain admission.
  • Extra ticketsOpen

    After you have placed an order for your full ticket allocation online, if further tickets are required then please email your request to Deanne Gray at

  • RefundsOpen

    No ticket refunds can be given after the closing date ie 14 November 2016.