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A statement on Internet Sales

News posted: 11/02/2012

The continual reference to ABDO endorsing internet sales on various website sites is both erroneous and disingenuous. It needs correcting once and for all.Some weeks ago the editor of Optician magazine was urged to investigate what Peter Black, the ABDO Vice president, had allegedly said and done.Optician approached ABDO which in turn issued the following statement:”Peter Black is well known within ABDO for his strong views about the dangers of internet sales. He has in recent times been looking at the issue in some detail even acting on occasion as an ‘Agent provocateur’ to establish if recommendations on the internet boosts sales.Peter does not, and never has done, have any financial or commercial interests in an internet company.

Peter is committed to promoting the role and importance of dispensing opticians and is also leading the way on seeking to increase the scope of practice. Peter is continuing his work with the ABDO Board to ensure that our members are best placed to meet the challenges of the future.”

In the end Optician did not carry the story or ABDO’s response, which seems to put the issue into context.

For the avoidance of any possible doubt the ABDO Board position is very clear.

The Board is opposed to the overall concept of online spectacle sales. However we must also have regard for what the law allows. We are wholeheartedly opposed to sales which require exacting measurements. We believe the public is not best served by such sales.

We are keen to assemble as much real information on illegal sales of both spectacles and contact lenses so that we can present evidence to the appropriate authorities.

The ABDO Board will continue to work with the GOC and the wider profession on these issues and would urge all members to help and support the Association in this endeavour.