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Press Release: ABDO response to GOC research into risk in the optical professions

The Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) has responded to GOC research into risk in the optical professions. ABDO president Clive Marchant FBDO said:

“The Association welcomes this report. We are delighted to read that the optical profession and in particular dispensing opticians continues to provide an outstanding service to the public with minimal risk. This clearly demonstrates that our high level of education and independent external examination is robust.

“Dispensing opticians and optometrists are advancing their scope of practice and the range of services that they provide in high street practice. This is a great advantage for the public and will contribute to an ongoing reduction in cases of preventable sight loss. Clearly this is only possible if our level of education is robust and progressive, and assessed by independent external examination. The GOC education review must recognise that our current education and examination model is fit for purpose but must be progressive to incorporate the advancement of skill which are currently are obtained post qualification.

“The GOC’s key function is public protection and if the professions’ excellent low risk track record is to be maintained higher standards are essential. The concept of minimum standards and variable methods of qualification is unconscionable.”


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