Press release: How eco-friendly are contact lenses? Find out at the SEE Summit

Would you like to learn more about how contact lenses impact the environment, and discover what you should be telling patients who want to minimise their environmental impact yet still wear contact lenses? Book to attend the inaugural SEE Summit on the Environment on 4 October 2021 and you can hear from Sarah Smith, an optometrist working with Eurolens Research at the University of Manchester.

In response to growing concerns about climate change, consumer awareness and behaviour is changing.  Daryl Newsome, ABDO’s Vice President says, “Contact lenses offer a safe and convenient form of vision correction, but patients may increasingly ask their practitioner about how ‘green’ their lenses are.”

Sarah Smith will be reporting on figures relating to the amount of waste that a range of modalities of contact lens wear generate. She will discuss opportunities for responsible disposal of lenses.  In the session she will also report on steps that manufacturers currently undertake to minimise the environmental impact of contact lens manufacture. Practitioners attending the online event can discover how best to promote and communicate a positive message around environmental sustainability to contact lens wearers.

The SEE Summit aims to promote environmental sustainability in the UK optical sector and contribute to the government’s goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. It takes place in the run-up to the COP (Conference of the Parties) climate change summit in November 2021. The event is supported by the BCLA and ACLM as well as a host of other optical organisations. (See note 3)

Running from 7-8.30pm, the event offers a packed agenda with inspiring speakers talking about how they have moved towards environmental sustainability in practice and in manufacturing. Attendees will also receive practical advice on the changes that can be made at work.

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Notes to Editors

  1. Media enquiries to Antonia Chitty
  2. Hi res image of Sarah is available
  3. This event is supported by the Association of Optometrists (AOP), the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO), the association of Contact Lens Manufacturers, the British Contact Lens Association (BCLA), the College of Optometrists, FODO, the General Optical Council (GOC) and the Optical Suppliers Association (OSA).
  4. Sarah Smith is an optometrist working with Eurolens Research at The University of Manchester.  Sarah is involved in the planning and delivery of clinical studies predominantly researching contact lenses performance.  Her research interests include investigation of waste produced in contact lens wear and consumer recycling options for contact lens waste.