Go Local

CET Go Local

ABDO endeavours to offer local accessible CET to all our members through our regional CET events programme. However, we can’t provide live CET in every town and city in the UK. To support ABDO members in holding a CET event in their local area if we are not already, ABDO CPD has created CET Go Local. Any ABDO member or group of members can host a local CET event and it need not be a massive commitment.

CET meetings can be day, part-day or evening, any day of the week, for 20 to 30 people. This is a great opportunity for you to be an active part of your association and help its members take part in CET which is convenient and enjoyable, without being part of a committee or making a huge ongoing time commitment. However, you can certainly do more if you’d like to.

An ABDO members step-by-step guide to hosting a CET Go Local event

  1. Identify a suitable venue

Suitable venues

  • Small hotels
  • Practices
  • Community centres
  • Venues which advertise meeting spaces
  • Colleges

Venue Requirements

  • 20 – 30 seats in cabaret/banquet style (seating 8 – 10 around tables)
  • Tea/coffee and small buffet
  • Room charge up to £30 hourly
  • Delegate rate up to £12 (including buffet and tea/coffee)
  • Data projector and screen at no extra charge
  • Free or low cost accessible car parking
  1. Contact ABDO CPD via phone or email with your details and that of the venue

Email: abdocpd@abdo.org.uk

Telephone: 01206 734155

  1. ABDO CPD will contact you, book the venue, suggest a programme with the aim of providing 6 CET points, invite local members and take care of the administration either side of the event.
  2. You must be available for contact with ABDO CPD over the timespan from idea to event. We will provide you with details of the proposed programme, sponsors and attendees before the event.
  3. Be at the event to check people in and ensure the smooth running on the day. You can do it alone or with a couple of colleagues to help you.

At the event

  • Arrive in good time to liaise with the venue staff and greet early attendees
  • Check refreshments are as ordered and served on time
  • Set up a registration table and check attendees in on arrival
  • Introduce the evening briefly. (This can be either yourself or someone braver)
  • Distribute any paperwork provided by ABDO
  • Ensure all who attend sign an attendance sheet for each CET element
  • Collect paperwork to send to the CET Office ASAP after the event
  1. Following the event, you will be supplied an expenses claim form which you will need to submit with travel and postage expense details on to the CET office ASAP, along with the following

After the event

  • Attendance sheets and details of any delegates who didn’t show
  • Any paperwork from the CET sessions
  • Comments on your experience

We also ask you to be available for the CPD Office to contact you with any queries which might arise.