Achieving your FBDO qualification is a great accomplishment and one to be celebrated. However, this is just the start of your journey as an eye care professional. Continuing professional learning and development will assist you in planning a fulfilling and exciting optical career.

After your initial registration with the General Optical Council (GOC), you are required to maintain your registration-level skills by attending and participating in GOC-approved continuing education and training (CET).

The GOC’s CET scheme is divided into 3-year cycles, over which you are required to accrue 36 CET points, of which at least 18 must be ‘interactive’, i.e. by completing CET that requires discussion with other GOC registrants. The current 3-year cycle is 1st January 2019 – 31st December 2021. By the end of this cycle you must have gained CET points equivalent to the number of whole months that you will have been on the GOC register as a qualified dispensing optician.


If you are added to the GOC register in September 2019, you will need 27 points by December 2021.

Please contact the GOC directly if you are unsure of your specific CET requirements once joining the register.

CET points can be gained in a number of ways. ABDO have pledged to offer, as part of the membership fee, at least the minimum GOC CET requirement over the 3-year period. You will find CET articles in the Dispensing Optics journal each month, which you can complete online. ABDO regional CET events, which are free to members, are advertised in the events section of the ABDO website. You may attend CET in any ABDO region.

ABDO CPD events may also have sessions with CET approval and some ABDO College courses or events may have CET approval. There may be a charge for these events.

Getting started with CET

  • Details of the GOC CET scheme can be found on the GOC website. Log into ‘MyGOC’ and set up your MyCET access. You cannot set up MyCET with a GOC student registration number.


Click here to access the GOC website

  • Attend GOC-approved CET events, such as attending ABDO regional CET event and complete CET articles in Dispensing Optics journal.
  • To find out about CET events:a. Visit the events pages on the ABDO website.

Look in the diary sections of The Optician or Optometry Today if you have access to them.

b. Use the ‘Search for CET’ tool in the MyCET area of the GOC website.

Make sure that the CET you choose has dispensing opticians included in the target groups. There is no retrospective approval.

  • Ensure that you sign attendance lists and give your GOC number. Remember to use always use the information you have provided to the GOC for your registration. For example, if you have got married and changed your name but are still registered with the GOC under your maiden name, you will need to give the CET provider your maiden name for their administration. The provider of the CET will add the points to your record on the GOC website.
  • When points are uploaded by the CET provider, your will receive an email from the GOC to tell you that there are points for confirmation on your record at MyCET. Log-on to the GOC website regularly to confirm any credits which are pending. You are required to complete CET in all of the nine competencies for a dispensing optician during the current cycle.
  • Check ‘MyGOC/My CET’ to view full details of your points’ record. This is the ‘evidence’ which the GOC will check in order to confirm your eligibility for continued registration. However always keep your own separate record of CET completed.

The GOC have a full details of their CET scheme in their ‘CET guide for registrants 2019-21’, which can be accessed on their website here.

You can contact the ABDO CPD Office if you would like any advice on CET:

Unit 2, Court Lodge Offices
Godmersham Park

Telephone: 01206 734 155


For further regulatory information about registration with the GOC and your mandatory requirements please visit the ABDO advice and guidance pages: A&G R1 and A&G R5.