Ocular abnormalities interactive CET module

This module is a supervised course of learning to address one of the key risk areas for dispensing optician and contact lens optician practice. The module consists of a package of text-based learning materials for reference and further online research into the topic. The objective is to reproduce as far as possible the experience of a live discussion workshop, by providing personalised tutor responses to written work by the participant. The participant will work through the learning materials which also provide self-assessment activities.

This module is approved for 5 CET points, four of which are interactive.


  • Dispensing opticians:
    • communication, standards of practice, methods of ocular examination, ocular abnormalities
  • Contact lens opticians:
    • communication, standards of practice, methods of ocular examination

The interactive element comprises four cases of abnormal ocular conditions for discussion with a tutor, accessed online. The cases, accompanied by pictures, will also include where relevant, a statement of significant symptoms. The dispensing optician will explore the differential diagnosis, management/treatment, further tests by the optometrist or dispensing optician which would support diagnosis, referral options for dispensing opticians, progression/recurrence and advice to the patient.

Each element will take 2 – 3 hours to explore the resources fully and complete the assessment.

The module is particularly suitable for those restoring to the GOC register.

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