Registrant-led peer discussion

A peer discussion session uses pre-selected cases or scenarios to allow a structured discussion led by a leader or facilitator. All GOC registrants can apply to lead a peer discussion group and ABDO has created a number of discussion cases that can be used for these sessions.

Peer discussion is a great way for registrants to share knowledge and experience and learn from each other. Everyone has something to offer whether you are newly qualified or have been in practice for many years. Although it is desirable to have completed some training as a facilitator, peer discussion can be led by any GOC registrant. Having some training gives an insight into what to expect, how to handle difficult situations and cope with unexpected incidents. It can also help you learn to remain impartial and keep on track with the direction of the discussion.

A peer discussion session allows participants to gain 3 interactive CET points. Interactive CET is classified as any CET which brings the optician into contact with other optical professionals, for example, other delegates at a CET event, or individual interaction with a tutor, or personalised feedback and discussion. Below is an extract from the GOC CET scheme principles and requirements (v4). This details the minimum requirements and good practice guidance for a peer discussion group.