Professional Development Toolbox

There are many resources that can support your professional development. It may be that you looking to organise your CET to ensure you are on track or you may be looking to plan to develop your clinical practice.

In this area we will provide access to resources that may be helpful when considering continuing professional development and education and training.

Available resources in this tool box will be developed and added-to, so please ensure to check back regularly for new additions.

The GOC publication: A guide for registrants in the 2019-21 CET cycle. Available to download here.

GOC CET Competencies for Dispensing Opticians.

GOC CET Competencies for Optometrists.

GOC CET Competencies for Contact Lens Opticians.

Below you will find further information relating to our Webinars

June 2020 Webinar – Person Centred Dementia Care
Further Learning Reference & Support
Question & Answer Responses


July 2020 Webinar – Diabetic Retinal Screening Programmes & Analysis of Common Conditions seen during Retinal Imaging
Further Learning Reference & Support
Question & Answer Responses


August 2020 Webinar – Eye Drops User Review
Question & Answer Responses


September 2020 Webinar – Driving & Spectacle Lenses
Question & Answer Responses
Government Statistics – Reported Road Casualties


October 2020 Webinar – Aiding Vision, Making the Most of Optical Aids.
Question & Answer Responses
References, Links and Further Reading


November 2020 Webinar – The Long & Short of Myopia Management.
Questions & Answer Responses
References, Links & Further Reading
Clinical Guidelines-Supplement


December 2020 Webinar – Providing Optimal Eye Care for Children with a Learning Disability.

SeeAbility and NHS England were delighted to take part in the ABDO webinar on Tuesday 8 December to talk about the pivotal role of Dispensing Opticians in the new NHS Special School Eye Care Service, and the practical application of dispensing involved.

For those DOs based within England they would very much like to follow up with anyone who would like to register an expression of interest in being involved in the programme.  To do so, please send an email to with 1) your full name, 2) Practice name, 3) full Practice address and postcode, 4) contact telephone number

Once received, you will be registered on our interested clinicians database and further information about the service will be forwarded.

VIDEO – Overview of the Services Delivered in Special Schools
Resources, References and Further Reading
Question & Answer Responses

Below you will find further information relating to our Webinars

January 2021 Webinar – Effective Communication – Breaking Bad News and Managing Difficult Conversations

VIDEO – How to Break Bad News to Patients – American Optometric Association – Jay Lyttle
VIDEO – Clip of John Cleese & Robert Buckman
VIDEO – 50/50 Doctor Scene
Question & Answer Responses

February 2021 Webinar – All you ever wanted to know about BV

Questions & Answer Responses
References, Advice and Guidance