FQE Manufacturing Visit – Nikon

Tuesday 24th September 2019 10am-1pm Nikon Optical UK. 3 Tanners Drive, Milton Keynes MK14 5BU

FQE Manufacturing Visits – for ABDO students on the 2015 syllabus

Students are responsible for booking themselves on these tours and all bookings are handled on first come first served basis.

Case record 51

The manufacturer will sign an attendance sheet which must be included as a second page for case record 51. Case record 51 will be in the form of a written report with a minimum of 800 words. The report should be based on the production techniques of the manufacturer you have visited, to demonstrate your level of understanding. Your supervisor will need to sign your report. Case record 51 forms part of the portfolio case records and students will not be able to qualify if any of the required case records are missing.

Booking is through Shelley Pearson at shelley.pearson@nikonlenswear.com