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Overseas students

ABDO examination information for overseas students

ABDO theory examinations
Students who reside outside the UK and wish to take ABDO theory examinations may request to sit examinations at their local British Council (excluding Ireland). Please visit the British Council website for more information and a list of all British Councils internationally.

Students are advised to contact and make arrangements with the British Council before applying for their ABDO theory examinations. Once arrangements have been made with the venue, complete the ABDO examination application, including all the venue details, and submit to ABDO Examinations and Registration, at least four weeks before the stated closing date.

Any additional venue / invigilator charge(s) must be paid by the student, direct to the venue before taking examination. An additional overseas courier charge, as indicated on the ABDO examination application, must accompany the examination fee and paid direct the Association of British Dispensing Opticians.

ABDO practical examinations
Students who reside outside of the UK (excluding Malaysia) are advised that all ABDO practical examinations will take place in the UK only.

Students must make provision to visit the UK at least twice throughout their course of study. Once, for the preliminary qualifying practical examination and again at the end of their course to complete the final qualifying examination. Additional visits to the UK may be required if elements of the practical examination(s) are unsuccessful. Please be aware that the PQE must be successfully completed before attempting the final/FQE practical examination, they cannot be taken together.

  • Malaysian students are required to take their theory and practical examinations at our approved venue in Kuala Lumpur. With the exception of Malaysian students residing outside of KL, who may opt to take their theory examinations at a British Council near to them, by prior arrangement.

For further information or enquiries regarding the above, please contact ABDO Examinations and Registration or email