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Frequently asked questions


ABDO has put together a collection of frequently asked questions which have been answered in Dispensing Optics magazine.


U2.1 General Dispensing & Prescriptions
U2.2 Ready Readers
U2.3 Plano Lenses
U2.4 Pupillary Distances
U2.5 Safety Spectacles
U2.6 Non Tolerances
U2.7 Contact Lenses
U2.8 Dispensing Children’s Spectacles
U2.9 Clinical
U2.10 Driving

U2.1.2 Duplicating spectacles (2015)

U2.1.3 Making spectacles to a contact lens specification (2017)

U2.1.4 Giving a prescription for music spectacles (2013)

U2.1.6 Who can give out a copy prescription? (2017)

U2.1.7 Overseas prescriptions (2017)

U2.1.8 Dispensing without a prescription

U2.1.9 BVD Not given (2013)

U2.1.10 BVD and online? (2013)

U2.1.11 May an employer compel a registered DO employee to be a supervisor? (2018)

U2.1.12 To inform, or not to inform? (2018)

U2.1.13 Changing a recall date (2018).

U2.1.14 Who can give out a prescription? (2018).

U2.1.15 Giving information over the phone (2018). 

U2.1.16 Am I allowed to change a prescription? (2018).

U2.1.17 Concerns about misplaced records (2018).

U2.2.2 I stock ready readers in my practice, do I have to fit them? (2010)

U2.2.3 Using ready readers for driving (2017)

U2.2.4 Can you supply a ready reader you have glazed yourself? (2015)

U2.2.5 Can a registered DO sell surplus stock of of ready readers online?

U2.2.6 Is this prescribing?

U2.2.7 Ready reader sales (2018). 

U2.3.2 “Can anyone supply spectacles glazed with Plano lenses?” (2017)

U2.3.3 “May dispensing opticians dispense plano lenses without a prescription?” (2012)

U2.3.4 “And another thing…” (2012)

U2.3.5 Supplying a frosted lens (2019)

U2.4.2 “I’ve been asked twice this week for PDs, was I right to refuse?” (2010)

U2.4.3 More issues over giving out PDs (2011)

U2.5.2 Safety specs (2014)

U2.5.3 Can I reglaze a pair of safety spectacles? (2010)

U2.5.4 Registered DOs dispensing safety specs (2012)

U2.5.5 Safety spectacles for children? (2016)

U2.6.2 “I can’t see through my new spectacles” (2012)

U2.6.3 Non-tolerance to spectacles (2014)

U2.6.4 Handling a non-tolerance issue from an outside dispense (2015)

U2.7.2 Contact lenses (2012)

U2.7.3 Out of date contact lenses (2014)

U2.7.4 Giving out contact lenses (2015)

U2.7.5 “Who may sell contact lens solutions?” (2014)

U2.7.6 Out of date contact lenses, again (2014)

U2.7.7 Removing a contact lens

U2.7.8 Issuing duplicate contact lens specifications (2011)

U2.7.9 Charging for contact lens handling tuition (2011)

U2.7.10 Frequency of contact lens checks (2011)

U2.7.11 Teaching contact lens handling (2017)

U2.7.12 Who may handle a contact lens? (2012)

U2.7.13 Contact lenses and dementia (2018). 

U2.7.14 Issuing a contact lens specification (2018).

U2.7.15 Should I insist on compliance? (2019).

U2.7.16 A question of contact lens supply

U2.7.17 A question of cost (2020)

U2.8.2 Repairing and replacing children’s spectacles (2014)

U2.8.3 Wrong spectacles issued… (2015)

U2.8.4 Which prescription may be used? (2014)

U2.8.5 More children’s spectacles queries (2013)

U2.8.6 Who may collect a repaired pair of children’s spectacles?

U2.8.7 Duplicate HES prescription (2017)

U2.8.8 Which prescription to dispense?

U2.9.2 Visual fields testing (2016)

U2.9.3 Colour vision tests (2017)

U2.9.4 Tonometry (2014)

U2.9.5 Issuing chloramphenicol drops (2013)

U2.9.6 To use stains, or not? (2013)

U2.9.7 Are your patients in good hands? [Hygiene] (2018)

U2.10.1 Advising on driving vision standards (2018)