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Which prescription may be used?

U2.8.4 Which prescription may be used? (2014)

A query was received from a member who had a patient wishing to use an American prescription for her daughter, not the NHS prescription that resulted from the most recent eye examination. As a registered DO, you may dispense a prescription of any age or nationality, if that is what the patient, or parent of the patient, wishes. There is a caveat, however: the patient or parent of the patient must be advised that an eye examination is recommended on a regular basis to ensure that the health of the eyes is checked. This should be recorded on the records and is unlike unregistered sellers, who may not dispense to under 16 year olds or to a prescription greater than two years old, or less if so stated on the prescription.

In this particular case, the American prescription was issued by a family friend and the parents were happiest with that prescription. Since it varied by a very small amount from the later NHS prescription, the dispensing optician could be satisfied the patient was well served. They couldn’t, of course, use the NHS voucher as the prescription made up would be different to that written on the voucher.

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