HR Advice for practice owners


The HR Advice for employers/practice owners section of the ABDO website is an enhancement to normal ABDO membership, specially designed for Association members who are employers. The challenges of running a business are extensive; ABDO has therefore developed this special section of the ABDO website, which provides access to expert advice, thereby ensuring you have the support required to run your business within best practice and legislative guidelines. It has been specifically designed for independent practices and small groups which can benefit greatly from the corporate support available.

Annual subscription fees are as follows:

  • 1-5 employees = £200
  • 6-10 employees = £300
  • 11-20 employees = £400
  • 21-50 employees = £500

Anyone wishing to join can do so by phoning ABDO Membership Services on 01227 733902, 01227 733912 or 01227 733922.