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Contact lenses

Always seek professional advice – make sure your vision is in safe hands

The contact lens optician
A contact lens optician (CLO) is a specialist practitioner who is trained and qualified to fit, and provide aftercare for, patients with contact lenses. Contact lens opticians assess whether contact lenses meet the needs of their patient, resolving clinical and tolerance issues, and remain responsible for clinical decisions enabling them to provide continuity of care to their patients.

The contact lens specialty is undertaken by dispensing opticians and involves extra study and clinical practice. Once the specialist training is completed and competence assessed, practitioners must register their specialty with the General Optical Council. They are then able to perform additional duties to those of a dispensing optician.

ABDO currently awards two accredited professional contact lens qualifications:

  • FBDO CL – Level 6* Certificate in Contact Lens Practice
  • FBDO (Hons) CL – Level 7* Diploma in Advanced Contact Lens Practice
    *National Qualifications Framework (NQF)

To view videos about contact lenses click here.

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