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  • Tints and lenses for sensitive eyes
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Tints and lenses for sensitive eyes

Tints and lenses for sensitive eyes

  • My eyes are sensitive to sunlight, what lenses might help? Open

    If you suffer from dazzle, glare or sore eyes when out and about there are various types of lenses that can help you. Ask your optician about polarised lenses. These can cut glare from light reflecting off a wet road, for example. Photochromic lenses darken automatically as the sun comes out which can also help people with sensitive eyes. There are a range of tints too: ask your optician to show you different colours and depths of tint so you can see which might help you most.  Don’t forget to ask about protection from both UVA and UVB light to reduce long term risks to your eyes.

  • I have an eye problem that makes my eyes sensitive to light, what might help? Open

    Eye conditions such as cataract can make you more sensitive to light. This can cause discomfort and reduce your vision in bright conditions. Talk to your optician, because there are specific frames and lenses that can help. Frames with chunky rims and sides can cut the amount of light reaching your eyes at an angle and causing glare. The optician can help you find a frame that fits well. You can also find tinted specs that fit over your regular glasses. Tints in different colours and depths can also help without affecting your vision. Ask to look through different tints to see what works for you. Different tints may work well for you in different situations, depending on the weather or if you are indoors or outdoors. Don’t forget to ask about protection from both UVA and UVB light.

  • Will tinted spectacles help my migraines? Open

    Some people who experience migraines are also sensitive to light. If this sounds like you, talk to your local optician about tinted spectacle lenses. There is a wide range of colour and depth of tint available now, and it is worth trying different tints to see which you find most helpful. Some people find certain colours cause migraines, while others reduce the problems. Some opticians have taken additional training and/or have specific equipment in their practices to help assess which coloured lenses can help with conditions such as migraines.