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Occupational dispensing

Always seek professional advice – make sure your vision is in safe hands

Occupational dispensing
The eye, like all other parts of the body, is unique. From birth, through maturity to old age the eye constantly changes and with these changes come challenges to ensure visual capability, comfort and performance are met. It is widely recognised that the ability to see is one of the most important human senses and as such it is essential to ensure that the health of the eye is monitored on a regular basis. Regardless of age, it is essential that everyone has regular eye examinations, at specified intervals.

Interpretation of spectacle prescriptions is a highly skilled and complex competency. Understanding the complexities of the eye and the needs of the patient in order to achieve the desired outcome is dependent on the skill of the individual undertaking the task. It is therefore advisable for spectacle wearers to seek professional advice at all times during the dispensing process.

ABDO has produced a guide that outlines the necessary requirements of eyesight and eyewear for those in the workplace and in doing so will offer guidance for both corrective and non-corrective situations. The guide covers many areas of workplace situations where specific spectacle dispensing can obtain tangible results.

View/download the ABDO ‘Occupational dispensing’ guide.

Also see the Computers & your eyes infographic.

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