ABDO Contact Lens Uncorrected Cylinder Trial (CLUC)

When assessing a patient with low cylinder corrections, should you to select a best sphere or a toric lens initially? The ABDO CLUC offers you an insight into the positive and negative outcomes of the selection process and therefore enables you to make a more rational decision. It also points to areas where progress can be made to enable a Daily Disposable Toric Soft Contact Lens to become the lens of first choice.

The lenses in the CLUC trial were a cross section of Daily Disposable (DD) spherical and toric soft contact lenses (SCLs) approved for market in the United Kingdom (UK). Its design was a prospective, randomized, subject-masked, single group trial.

The primary objective was to determine if statistically significant improvements in objective and subjective vision can be found among new and existing contact lens wearers with toric soft contact lenses (SCLs) compared with an uncorrected low cylinder when they were trialled with daily disposable (DD) spherical lenses.

As a part of the benefits and services the ABDO provides to members the final report and popular clinical trials poster recently displayed at Optrafair can now be downloaded from here within the members area