ABDO Level 2 child safeguarding course for DOs



Dispensing opticians (DOs) are the only professional group which have a specific competency for paediatric dispensing. For that reason, and to satisfy local and national protocols, the dispensing optician must have, as well as the GOC-regulated elements of this competency, a qualification relating to the safeguarding of children.

For this reason, ABDO has written and funded a child safeguarding course exclusively for its DO members, accredited by the same body as the DOCET course. It has been CET-approved for 1 point: C-50012 for dispensing opticians.

There is a wealth of resources dedicated to child safeguarding. In the compiling of this training course, materials and references provided by a number of safeguarding organisations and charities have been combined, as well as referencing UK government guidelines.

The course consists of three modules, each composed of three parts. The total time to complete the course is approximately two hours, but you can return to the course and it will resume where you left it. There is a final assessment, and on satisfactory completion of the assessment you will be able to print a personalised Level 2 child safeguarding certificate as evidence of your completion. The course will be updated regularly, and you should recomplete the course as refresher training every three years as a minimum.