ABDO response to GOC Strategic Education Review consultation

ABDO has submitted a comprehensive and forward looking paper to the GOC in response to the consultation they are holding on the future of optical education in the UK. ABDO’s response to the consultation can be viewed here.

The review is a once in a generation opportunity to seek and deliver change. ABDO sees this as an ideal time to promote the skills of qualified dispensing opticians, to press for a wider and more appropriate scope of practice and to bring greater flexibility for our members. Extending knowledge, providing new career opportunities and better care for patients lies at the heart of our submission. It is our view that there is every reason to believe that the profession will to continue to grow and expand its role in what are certain to be times of change.

ABDO will be campaigning hard in support of our submission and the enhanced role we seek for colleagues. We are delighted that the Optical Confederation’s response has been fully supportive of our aspirations.

The ABDO board is unanimous in its support for this initiative and is extremely grateful to Alicia Thompson, ABDO’s director of professional examinations, for compiling such an excellent document.