College introduces payment plan for courses

ABDO College is introducing payment plans for course fees to make education and training even more accessible.

Training at ABDO College has always allowed students to learn while they earn, making the chance to develop your career in optics widely accessible. Now, in recognition of the pressures on the optical industry during the Covid-19 outbreak, the college is introducing payment plans to make it easier for business owners who want to invest in their staff and their practice while dealing with budget constraints. This change is also designed to help students who are self funding.

The payment plans are interest free and allow the chance to spread payments over six months.

This means that for the Optical Assistant course, for example, the course would cost £135 per month.

The ophthalmic dispensing diploma (FBDO) first year would cost £585 per month, and the contact lens certificate course would cost £400 per month.

Students can pay monthly for all courses except revision and the Vision Science FBDO to BSc Hons top-up, which requires payment per module, already allowing the cost to be spread.

Steve Hertz, ABDO College head of operations, said: “We always wish to make training and development of practice colleagues as accessible as possible. Clearly, the current climate is putting strain on practices and students, so we hope this option will allow as many students as possible to begin or continue their studies, whilst balancing the books.”

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Applications for the Ophthalmic Dispensing Degree and Diploma and Contact Lens Certificate courses must be in by 26 July.