Delayed GOS Payments May 2018

PCSE has informed LOCSU and the Optical Confederation there has been a delay in processing some GOS payments this month. Contractors and LOCs in the affected areas should receive an email from the PCSE National Engagement Team informing them of the delay and explaining that PCSE are aiming to ensure payments reach bank accounts within three working days of the usual payment dates. As soon as PCSE has processed payments for an affected area, contractors will receive a further email to confirm when the funds will be in the bank.

LOCSU and the Optical Confederation have raised severe concerns with NHS England about PCSE’s failure to make payments on time again and are awaiting an explanation of the cause of the issues. The organisations had been assured in recent meetings with PCSE’s Managing Director and NHS England senior managers that lessons had been learnt from the March payment delays and that PCSE had put additional staff in place to ensure payments were made on time. Clearly the steps taken have not been sufficient to ensure on time payments this month, so the sector needs urgent assurance that further appropriate action is being taken by PCSE to guarantee future payments are made on time.