GOC holds first illegal practice stakeholder group meeting

The General Optical Council has today held its first stakeholder steering group meeting as part of its new illegal practice strategy.

The group has been formed to develop a code of practice for online contact lens suppliers and advise on options for implementation. The GOC intends to launch a consultation on a draft code of practice in June 2015 and to implement the code by the end of the year.

The group will also work to raise awareness among the public of how to buy and wear contact lenses safely, such as the need to follow aftercare advice and have regular check-ups.

The stakeholder group is comprised of sixteen members from across the optical sector, including representatives from various professional bodies, an online contact lens supplier and several consumer representatives, among others. The group will be chaired by Dr Rob Hogan.

GOC Council member and Council Champion for the illegal practice project, Dr Hogan said: “It was extremely pleasing to welcome a group with such a wide variety of experience and expertise and a shared commitment to highlighting the need for consumers to have regular eye examinations and follow aftercare advice regardless of whether they buy their contact lenses online or in-store.”