Goggles for playing rugby

Shortly before the turn of the year, ABDO was contacted by the England Rugby Union (RFU) to discuss proposals made by the International Rugby Board (IRB) which would allow players participating in rugby matches to wear goggles. After lengthy discussions involving both the RFU and the IRB we offered opinion on the proposals and the goggles that were approved for wear.

It should be noted that ABDO was extremely uncomfortable with the proposed goggle in that there were several concerns. Primarily this centred on the parameters of the frame which we deemed unsatisfactory for young children.

The RFU have now decided to conduct a national trial (click here for details) having taken on board the comments we have made. Consequently there is now provision for goggles to be worn for u13s. Clearly ABDO would expect all members to use professional judgement when dispensing a product for this purpose.

During discussions, we felt beyond any doubt that a sports goggle incorporating the prescription (non-insert) with a band from the frame front would potentially be the most suitable. Many suppliers will provide various sizes relevant to fitting requirements. Additionally the safety element of lenses was discussed and it was unanimously agreed that a lens inherent of greater impact resistance properties would be most appropriate.

It should be noted that other rugby unions will be participating in the global trial. ABDO strongly suggests that professional judgement should be used if the need to dispense the approved goggles arises.

Barry Duncan FBDO
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