Hot Brief Issue 75

New GOS 4 Pre-Authorisation Process

On behalf of the Optical Confederation:

NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) have been asked by NHS England to run a national pilot for the pre-authorisation of adult GOS 4 vouchers. It is expected that this pilot will begin in November 2018.

Under the new system when a patient asks for a repair or replacement, the GOS contractor will ring NHSBSA to explain the circumstances of the request. This will be checked against a standardised list of conditions (and escalated to a clinical advisor if the circumstances are not covered by the list). If the request is approved the contractor will be issued with a unique code, which can then be added to the GOS 4 form before submitting to PCSE for payment. Any claims that have been submitted inappropriately (i.e. with missing or incorrect codes) will be recovered via the PPV process.

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