Low Vision Service Wales fee increase

The Minister for Health and Social Care in Wales, Professor Mark Drakeford AM has announced that, following negotiations with Optometry Wales, an increase of £10 will be added to the fee claimed by low vision accredited practitioners.

Andy Riley, chairman of Optometry Wales expressed his delight in this additional increase for practitioners saying “…the increase in the fee does reflect the value that Welsh Government place on eye care in Wales at present. The Low Vision Service in Wales is such a valuable service for patients in Wales. We are also looking forward to helping signpost patients who have or might be experiencing depression (which will form an additional part of the service following published research identifying causal links in depression and sight loss. This research was undertaken in Wales and once again highlights the progress being made in eye care and service delivery in this devolved nation.”

For further information contact Sali Davis, tel 07865 138 336, email salidavis@optometrywales.com.