New BSI standard for sunglasses

Plano sunglasses and clip-ons are subject to a new BSI standard from 1 March 2015, in a move to globalise regulations.

BS EN ISO 12312-1 was introduced last year with the understanding that the previous standard EN 1836 could run concurrently for another twelve months, with this transition period expiring at the end of February.

“This is really a review and amalgamation of current international standards, highlighting the requirements for sunglass construction, materials used, robustness and impact resistance, as well as plano lens transmittance characteristics, and refractive power,” explained Eric Boinard, the FMO Standards Panel expert on sunglasses.

“From the manufacturing point of view it is great to have one standard. Prior to this release the USA, Europe, Australia and China had different sunglass standards.  Although Europe has only adopted this new standard so far we are looking towards it being accepted internationally – that is the aim, following ten years of working together. One of the most significant changes is the degree of information to be supplied with the sunglasses. This includes not only the name of the manufacturer, but also its address as well as a series of warnings when deemed appropriate,” added Eric, who is also Global R&D Group Leader for Polaroid Eyewear.

BSI standards are available at a reduced rate for ABDO members via the ABDO College Bookshop – email: