New CET advice for extended primary eye care services published

New continuing education advice for extended primary eye care services has been issued by LOCSU and endorsed by ABDO, AOP, FODO and the College of Optometrists.

The new guidance recommends that following initial accreditation, participating practitioners should obtain three CET points for MECS and one CET point for cataract post-operative review as part of the 36-point total required every three years by the GOC.

Continuing Education for Extended Primary Eye Care Services recommends governance arrangements for service providers, such as Primary Eyecare Companies (PECs), should include sharing data with practitioners to shape learning needs from performance results. PECs are advised to hold an annual meeting of all sub-contractors to update them on service performance and peer review or discussion events so that practitioners can share learning.

The guidance also sets out the learning objectives that CET specifically aimed at extended primary eye care services needs to meet.

Publishing the advice, LOCSU’s clinical director, Katrina Venerus said: “We are pleased to launch this guidance which will support LOC Companies to demonstrate robust governance as providers of extended primary eye care services and very grateful to colleagues from across the sector for their help in developing it. We hope that it will encourage practitioners involved in extended services to reflect on their case mix and target their continuing education accordingly.”