New report to capture ‘Vision of Britain’

Optegra Eye Health Care, is currently developing a comprehensive report to be entitled ‘Vision of Britain’ which will offer an insight to the state of the nation’s eye health. With over 100 consultants across seven hospitals all dedicated purely to eye health, Optegra is well placed to commission and analyse new and extensive research with the British general public as well as with general practitioners and optometrists throughout the UK.

With input from its specialist ophthalmic surgeons, Eye Sciences research division and third party supporters from the healthcare industry, the Vision of Britain research has answered some important questions:

  • Why are eyesight problems on the increase? A shocking 90 per cent of optometrists say they see more eye health problems now compared to five years ago
  • How do different age groups and UK regions care for and think about their eyesight?
  • What role do GPs, optometrists and opticians play in educating patients and treating eyesight?
  • How does the well-documented demand on GPs impact on ophthalmology? Two in five (40 per cent) GPs say they need more, or refresher, training on all eye conditions
  • How do British attitudes to life – age, technology and expectations – impact on our vital senses?

This report also unveils some specific concerns, particularly amongst the medical community, regarding eyesight in the working environment. From treatment paths and knowledge around particular conditions, to day-to-day care of our eyes plus the impact of modern lifestyle, this report exposes the truth about British vision. The answers to these questions and exploration of these issues are thought provoking and insightful.

There will be two versions of the report; one for Optegra’s professional partners and trade press and one for the general public and consumer media. For your copy of Vision of Britain, available from 4 January 2016, email