NOC ‘crucial’ for succession planning

LOCs urged to use free place for new members as a stepping stone to becoming an officer or taking on a Primary Eyecare Company role

With bookings open and just over two months till the National Optical Conference in November, LOCs are being urged to make sure they send at least one new committee member as part of the delegation. Each LOC receives one free place for the NOC and it is a great learning and networking event for new LOC recruits, says Chief Officer, Richard Whittington.

“It’s important that LOCs think of the NOC as part of your recruitment and succession plan,” Mr Whittington said. “LOCs should invite contractors and performers to their regular meetings as observers and the next obvious step is to expose new officers to the NOC.

Mr Whittington revealed that this year’s workshops cover LOC Governance and the new GDPR requirements, Effective Communications, LOC and PEC role skills, Pathway Redesign and Workforce Mobilisation.

“These will provide current and new members with skills they will find invaluable on the LOC or in the Primary Eyecare Company – not to mention the unrivalled networking opportunities and national commissioning perspective.”
Bookings are now open for the event taking place at Chesford Grange, Kenilworth, Warwickshire from the 14-15 November.

Bookings and programme details can be found here on the AOP website. LOCs are reminded to book quickly as there is limited accommodation on the Wednesday night (14 November).