Optical sector granted new use of the NHS logo

The Optical Confederation and OFNC have announced that optometrists, opticians and optical businesses may now use the NHS logo to signpost the NHS services they offer in England.

This development comes following discussion throughout 2014 between the Optometric Fees Negotiating Committee (OFNC), the Department of Health and NHS England.

Community optics in England can now join with other primary care colleagues – including pharmacists, dentists and community audiologists – in being able to display the NHS logo on practice fronts and in certain communications.

The Optical Confederation has worked with the Department of Health and NHS England to develop guidance for practitioners about the correct use of the logo. This is now available on the NHS Brand Guidelines website.

Optical Confederation chair Chris Hunt said: “As the main providers of primary eye care in England it is only right that community optical practices and practitioners are recognised for the work they do on the front line of NHS care. Most importantly, this move will help people who need eye care to understand that community optical practices are part of the NHS. This is an important development for joint working across optics and a good omen for our expanding role in delivering more NHS services in the community.”

Mike George, chair of the ONFC, said: “It has been a real group effort across optics to get this dispensation to use the NHS logo. Many in the sector have felt we should have been allowed the use of the logo for some time but it is one thing saying this and quite another achieving this change.This opens to door for community eye health providers to raise the profile with patients of the important work we do as the NHS front line for sight and eye conditions and of the important future roles we can play under the Five Year Forward View in England.”

For information about the use of the NHS logo and identity guidelines click here, to download the NHS logo click here.