Thousands of CET points still ‘pending’

The GOC is reminding registrants to log into their MyGOC account and accept any ‘pending’ CET points. Currently, there are 55,764 CET points that have yet to be accepted.

Unaccepted points will not count towards the 2016-18 cycle and cannot be ‘saved’ for the next one. Registrants have until 31 December to meet all their CET requirements, but if they fail to do so they will be removed from the register and will no longer be able to practise in the UK.

Marcus Dye, GOC Head of Standards and CET, said: “It is important that all registrants keep on top of their CET points so they are aware of their current total and can plan appropriately to meet all their requirements by 31 December.

“The practice of accepting points also allows registrants the opportunity to write reflective statements on their learning and can allow for registrants to choose if their points count towards a specialty or general requirement.”

The GOC is also reminding registrants that the next CET cycle will be a transition year beginning 1 January 2019 before the introduction of the new CET scheme in 2020. During this transition year, registrants are still expected to earn 12 CET points, six of which will come from interactive activities.