Vision Express backs #ABSee campaign, urging parents to prioritise eye tests

As the Association of Optometrists (AOP) launches its A B See campaign with research showing that a quarter of school age children have never been taken for a sight test by parents, Vision Express is encouraging families to make a visit to the optician a priority.

Jay Ghadiali, Director of Professional Services at Vision Express, said: “The latest NHS report backs up the findings of the AOP research, showing that 20% – just one in five children – are getting the free eye test that they’re entitled to. In fact, eye test rates among youngsters have been steadily declining over the past 10 years, which naturally points to a long term concern for eye health in the UK.

“Healthy eyes are crucial to childhood development, with experts estimating that around 80% of learning is visual. With routine screening as part of a school health check no longer mandatory, the onus is on parents to safeguard the sight of their families.

“Around half of all vision loss is believed to be preventable because many sight conditions, when detected early can be treated, so parents must make it a priority to visit an optician regularly. Our expert optometrists are trained to make the eye test child-friendly and tailor it to their individual needs.”

A video diary of four-year-old Jasmine shows her experience visiting Vision Express for her first eye test: