WCSM Education Trust awards bursaries

The WCSM Education Trust has announced the award of bursaries of £1,000 each to 25 students in the first year of their studies towards qualification in one of the optical professions.

The bursaries provide additional financial support at the start of a programme of study, with the aim of attracting and keeping talented individuals in optics. Applicants were asked to explain what had inspired their interest in their particular branch of the optical profession and how the bursary would make a difference to their studies.

This is the first year the scheme has run and competition was high, with over 240 applications. The award winners are studying different courses at 10 different UK optical training institutions.

Professor Chris Hull, Chairman of the WCSM Education Trust, said “We are delighted at the success of the scheme in its first year. It is really important that we keep working to attract talented individuals into all branches of optics for the future of the profession. There were some inspiring applications amongst the 240 we received and we will watch the progress of the successful candidates with interest.”