Take 5: with Peter Reeve

This month, we speak with Peter Reeve, managing director of Stepper UK, to talk Covid, climate change and plans for the future.

Q. Stepper recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. How would you sum up Stepper’s achievements over the past five decades?

Stepper has maintained its original objective to create comfortable eyewear that fits – no matter what the fashion or the trending material. Founder Hans Stepper’s original vision has been a constant, building an enviable reputation for the brand that is understood by eyecare professionals and appreciated by glasses wearers the world over.

Q. How has the Coronavirus pandemic affected the company?

We are a small team located in Europe and Asia, so the ability to travel and meet has been removed. This is a new and alien world for Stepper. Being quick to adapt to modern online communications has, in many ways, sped up our processes and decision-making. As a brand, this has been a positive for Stepper Eyewear – with customers returning to products with intrinsic benefits and willing to invest in quality.

Q. In what new, or different ways, are you supporting your customers?

Stepper Eyewear has been available to our customers throughout the pandemic. At times, this availability was via telephone, email or web communication. Whenever safe, our business development managers have been on hand to assist virtually or via socially distanced visits.

We also improved our digital presence by launching an improved website to assist in viewing and ordering frames, and have engaged in regular, informative email communication to maintain and supplement contact.

Q. How is Stepper addressing the climate change challenge?

Stepper Eyewear takes a 360-degree approach to its responsibilities. This includes all areas of frame manufacturing and distribution – from energy consumption, water recycling, materials waste and the well-being of employees – with significant progress already made and a commitment to improvements year on year. In 2020, we released our Responsibilities document covering these issues, which is available to download from our website.

Q. What does the future have in store for Stepper, its customers and fans of its eyewear?

Stepper Eyewear continues to innovate to create frame solutions that deliver attractive eyewear that is sublimely comfortable. New materials are constantly being tested and reviewed, so developments here are always a possibility.

In 2021, the reach of our eyewear will expand to new customer groups – with more plans to be revealed later in the year. We also plan a significant advance on our digital platform in the first half of this year.