This page provides information and links to the Optical Confederation which represents the profession in England, as well as information on England specific regulations, enhanced services and updates on national/ local activity. If you can’t find what you are looking for or would like to speak directly with our team please contact Debbie McGill dmcgill@abdolondon.org.uk

Regional Lead: Abi Page FBDO
Email apage@abdolondon.org.uk

Sub Regional Leads

Natasha Beckwood FBDO

Ned Saunders BSc FBDO

Jayshree Vasani FBDO

Ian Anderson FBDO

Email ianderson@abdolondon.org.uk

Richard RawlinsonRegional Lead: Richard Rawlinson FBDO
Email rrawlinson@abdolondon.org.uk

Sub Regional Leads

Saima Begum Naroo FBDO
Email sbegumnaroo@abdolondon.org.uk

Katie Fenn BSc(Hons) FBDO
Email kfenn@abdolondon.org.uk

Lesley Parkinson FBDO CL
Email lparkinson@abdolondon.org.uk

Ian Sexton FBDO CL
Email isexton@abdolondon.org.uk

Simone Mason FBDO

Email smason@abdolondon.org.uk

Richard RawlinsonRegional Lead: Richard Rawlinson FBDO
Email rrawlinson@abdolondon.org.uk

Sub Regional Leads

Simone Mason FBDO (Hons) SLD
Email smason@abdolondon.org.uk

Lynda Matthias FBDO
Email lmatthias@abdolondon.org.uk

Kimberley O’Donnell FBDO
Email kodonnell@abdolondon.org.uk

Lesley Oglethorpe FBDO CL
Email loglethorpe@abdolondon.org.uk

East Patel FBDO
Email epatel@abdolondon.org.uk

Sarah Pencott FBDO
Email spencott@abdolondon.org.uk

Amy Seaman FBDO
Email aseaman@abdolondon.org.uk

Jill Umpleby FBDO
Email jumpleby@abdolondon.org.uk

Lorraine Wallbank FBDO
Email lwallbank@abdolondon.org.uk

Regional Lead: Max Halford FBDO CL

Email mhalford@abdolondon.org.uk

Sub Regional Leads

Chris Bick FBDO
Email cbick@abdolondon.org.uk

Ashton Galloway FBDO CL
Email agalloway@abdolondon.org.uk

Jo Holmes FBDO
Email jholmes@abdolondon.org.uk

Andrew Tremain FBDO
Email atremain@abdolondon.org.uk

Wendy Wright FBDO (Hons) CL
Email wwright@abdolondon.org.uk

Ruth Shelton FBDO

Email rshelton@abdolondon.org.uk 

Judith Searle FBDO

Email jsearle@abdolondon.org.uk 

Useful links

Making Accurate Claims http://www.opticalconfederation.org.uk/downloads/guidance/making-claims-in-england-web.pdf

NHS England https://pcse.england.nhs.uk/organisations/opticians/

Optical Confederation http://www.opticalconfederation.org.uk/

National Regulation

National Regulation

GOC Standards of practice
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GOC supplementary guidance
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Vouchers at a glance
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