Become part of the organisation taking your profession forward

There are lots of reasons to become a member of ABDO.

Did you know just how many benefits there are when you join ABDO? You may know about the outstanding Continuing Professional Development, Education and Training programme. You also receive a monthly copy of journal Dispensing Optics. Beyond that, ABDO campaigns to raise the profile of the profession and advance the scope of practice.

There are many more offers to take advantage of when becoming a member of ABDO, including:

  • gym, spa and beauty salon offers,
  • home and DIY savings
  • business benefits
  • travel discounts on holidays, days out and short breaks
  • motoring benefits
  • student discounts
  • health benefits for the family,
  • cinema ticket discounts
  • professional indemnity insurance
  • optical practice insurance

Use the savings and you will more than cover the cost of your professional membership. Use the calculator below to work out how much you could save

ABDO Membership really does offer you so much more than you realise. Membership is open to dispensing opticians, optometrists, students in either profession, lab technicians and optical assistants. Apply here to become a member of ABDO