Current consultations

Driving and medical conditions – call for evidence

ABDO is considering its response to the DVLA’s review of the law on driving licenses for people with medical conditions. We would welcome any input from members.

Full details are at: call for evidence


Consultation feedback - Driving and medical conditions


GOC Contact Lens consultation

ABDO members can find details of the GOC Consultation here.

The consultation will close on 24 October 2023 and ABDO is seeking members’ views and input into an ABDO response.


Consultation on "In school Eye Testing for pupils in Specials Schools”

As many of our members are aware the Special Schools service was a huge step forward in the provision of eye testing and dispensing of appropriate eyewear to pupils in Special Schools. NHS England now wish to consult on the  service and we are seeking your feedback in forming our ABDO response.

In particular we are interested in your thoughts on proposed changes to:

  • The removal of specialist dispensing training from the proposal new service.
  • Changes to the format of the “eye care team” that delivers the services in school. To date this has consisted of an optometrist and dispensing optician team- the proposed new model no longer stipulates a requirement for a dispensing optician.
  • Funding – the new proposal seek to move the service more in aligment with GOS
  • Frame choice- feedback from DOs working in this service shows around 70% of children seen required special facial characteristic supplements and/or small frame supplements. The proposed new model seeks to change the selection of frames and lenses offered and suggests a different approach to funding of spectacles

Details of the new proposals can be found at the following link along with details of the independent evaluation report.


Previous consultations

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