ABDO Staff

ABDO Staff

ABDO Staff

Alistair Bridge

Chief Executive

Telephone: 01227 733 911
Email: membership@abdo.org.uk

Jane Burnand

PA to the Chief Executive

Telephone: 07939 936827

Email: jburnand@abdo.org.uk

Pavan Pavanakumar FCMA CGMA BBA(Hons) HonFBDO

Chief Finance Officer

Telephone: 07951 086 840
Email: pavan@abdo.org.uk

Julie Brown BSc (Hons) MCIPD

HR Manager

Telephone: 01227 286464

Email: jbrown@abdo.org.uk 


Head of Membership

Telephone: 01227 733911
Email: efox@abdo.org.uk

Aaron Holman BSc (Hons)

Membership Officer

Telephone: 01227 733 922

Email: aholman@abdo.org.uk

Max Halford FBDO CL

Clinical Lead

Telephone: 07506 328571
Email: mhalford@abdo.org.uk


Head of Corporate Development

Telephone: 07983 492 358
Email: nwalsh@abdo.org.uk

Antonia Chitty PhD MA BSc(Hons) MCOptom MCIPR MPRCA

Head of Communications and IT

Telephone: 07538 525476
Email: achitty@abdo.org.uk

Carol Smith BA(Hons)

Communications Officer

Telephone: 01227 287199/07494 919533

Email: csmith@abdo.org.uk

Stuart Brannan

Head of IT

Telephone: 01227 733928/07494 088721

Alexandra Webster MSc, PGDipE, FBDO CL, FHEA, FBCLA

Head of CPD

Telephone: 07494919531
Email: awebster@abdo.org.uk

Sue Bennett

CPD Operations Manager

Telephone: 01206 734 155
Email: abdocpd@abdo.org.uk

Cheryl Hill FBDO SMC(Tech) CertEd

CPD Officer

Email: chill@abdo.org.uk 

Dr Alicia Thompson PhD BSc(Hons) FBDO R (Hons) SLD SMC(Tech)

Director of Education, Research and Professional Development

Telephone: 07515 427 429
Email: athompson@abdo.org.uk

Miranda Richardson BSc(Hons) FBDO

Head of Professional Qualifications & Education

Telephone: 07875 591 667
Email: mrichardson@abdo.org.uk

Dean Dunning MEd PGDip Ed BA (Hons) FBDO CL Cert Ed FBCLA FIACLE

Deputy Head of Professional Qualifications and Education, and Chief Contact Lens Examiner

Telephone: 01227 287 845

Email: ddunning@abdo.org.uk

Mark Chandler

Head of Examinations and Registration

Telephone: 01227 732 920
Email: mchandler@abdo.org.uk

Sarah CurtisSarah Curtis

Examinations Assistant

Telephone: 01227 732 926
Email: scurtis@abdo.org.uk

Emma Hastings

Examinations and Registration Assistant

Telephone: 01227 732 922
Email: ehastings@abdo.org.uk

Linda Pogson BA(Hons) PGCE

Examinations Assistant

Telephone: 01227 732 925
Email: lpogson@abdo.org.uk

Lorraine ChandlerLorraine Chandler

Examinations Assistant

Telephone: 01227 732 923
Email: lchandler@abdo.org.uk

Sheila Taylor

Examinations Assistant

Telephone: 01227 732 921
Email: staylor@abdo.org.uk

Jade Harrison FBDO

Examinations Assistant

Telephone: 01227 733 916

Email: jharrison@abdo.org.uk


Matthew Stringer

NRC Operations Manager

Telephone: 0121 752 7500
Email: mstringer@abdo.org.uk

Molly Hayes

NRC Administrator

Email: reception@abdonrc.org.uk

Rebecca Jasper-Fellows

NRC Operations Assistant

Telephone: 0121 752 7500

Email: reception@abdonrc.org.uk

Nicky Collinson BA (Hons)

Editor, Dispensing Optics

Telephone: 0797 903 3542

Email: ncollinson@abdo.org.uk


Lakshman JayatilakaLakshman Jayatilaka BSc(Bus Ad) FCA(SL) ACMA

Accounts Department

Telephone: 01227 733 907
Email: lakshman@abdo.org.uk