How to book onto an ABDO CPD event

How to book onto an ABDO CPD event

Via the events page or through the links provided in the E-News each week

If you are not able to secure a place and are added to the waiting list you may be sent an invitation to register should a place become available. Please note you will have 12 hours to ACCEPT this place before being removed from the waiting list. If you are no longer interested in attending the session via place that has been offered please press the DECLINE button and this will then be offered immediately to the next person on the waiting list.

If you wish to book onto the event, once booking is open click on BOOK NOW.

Continuing to book your place

The following page will then open in your internet browser. This is the information page for the event.

If you are viewing on a PC, to access information on the agenda, location and sponsors you can use the hyperlinked buttons at the top right of the screen. Depending on the device you are using to access the page, these may be in a drop down menu box.

If you are using a smart phone or tablet the hyperlinked buttons do not appear however, you can still view this information by scrolling down the page until you see the agenda.

Keep scrolling to see information on the event Sponsors (you can click left or right on these to see who is attending) and further below for the location information.