5.1.1 Dispensing opticians must abide by rules relating to compulsory education and training. This includes periods during which the dispensing optician is suspended from the register of dispensing opticians, or when career breaks are taken. Dispensing opticians wishing to practice in specialised areas should be sure that they have the necessary training and skills and comply with the specialty CET rules.

5.2.1 When undertaking research, the care and safety of the patient should be your first and continuing concern. You should ensure that you have gained ethical approval for any research you undertake on people or animals. You must work within relevant legislation.

5.3.1 Those who cease to practise (for domestic, health or other reasons) should ensure that they undergo appropriate CET before returning to practice.

5.4.1 Click to access ABDO CET

5.5.1 Click to download GOC  guide to CET   https://www.optical.org/en/Education/CET/

5.5.2 Click to download GOC  guide relating to exceptional circumstances in completing CET https://www.optical.org/download.cfm?docid=9B0995D6-D9C1-4452-A526F417EEC12471