NHS GOS services

NHS GOS services

R9.1.1 Practice owners and/or managers should be aware of policies and requirements to contract directly with the National Health Service in accordance with the GOS regulations [see NHS Regulations in website appendix]

R9.1.2 See FODO Guide to Providing GOS Services

R9.1.3 Dispensing should be documented so that the spectacles can be reproduced or replaced without further reference to the patient. Where spectacle vouchers are used, you should make sure it is clear how the voucher has been used to offset any charges.
Repairs should be clearly documented, especially where a GOS repair claim is involved. You should be clear about which part of a frame is broken, and how the damage occurred. You should not be
claiming for anything which is not documented on your record.
If a second pair has been provided free of charge, and one of the two pairs is GOS and the other is private, only the GOS pair can be repaired on a GOS 4. Where tints or prisms are prescribed, you should ensure there is a justification provided on the current patient record.

R9.2.1 Dispensing opticians are reminded that they have a responsibility to apply the infection control procedures outlined in this guidance and to dispose of waste safely so are advised to read the following:

R9.2.2 Infection Control R4

R9.3.1 Practice owners and managers are advised to refer to the Optical Confederation advice regarding bribery.

R9.3.2 Read Optical Confederation Guidance on Bribery

R9.4.1 Download Making Accurate Claims in England Guide 

R9.4.2 PCSE Guidance

R9.4.3 Small Glasses Supplement (SGS) guidance can be accessed here.