Extended services for contact lens opticians


You need to complete all WOPEC online modules on MECS and GRM including the multiple choice questions (MCQs). There are 11 modules in total. Upon completion you need to complete an Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) extended services training day (ESD) followed by WOPEC Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCEs). You are required to complete adult and children safeguarding courses.

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The accredited CLO will be recognised as a provider of MECS/CUES and will treat dependent on capability and competence, working alongside optometrists as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

Triage processes should signpost patients with anterior eye problems to the MECS/CUES accredited CLO while posterior eye problems should be directed to the optometrist. In some cases there will almost certainly be co-management of patients. Local details of co-working with optometrists and co-management should be sought before seeing patients. This is not for the purpose of providing supervision but for the purpose of co- managing patients in practice.

GRM provides CLOs with the opportunity to undertake IOP measurement as a delegated function. At present this must be done with an optometrist on site due to restrictions around the use of anaesthetic drops.

The ABDO CPD department produces CET covering pathology and triage scenarios which can maintain and develop knowledge moving forward. Additionally, many Local Optical Committees (LOCs) will provide training when services are commissioned and ongoing.

It is our hope that this will be the case but ABDO cannot guarantee there will be uniform engagement with CCGs. We are working with colleagues in LOCSU and LOCs to ensure that existing contracts can be amended to include accredited contact lens opticians as suitably qualified performers and new contracts will reflect this workforce.

For further information on local arrangements please contact the relevant Regional Lead:

In agreement with LOCSU the online modules will be covered by the levy from the Local Optical Committee in your area. Individuals will pay for the ABDO ESD including any mandatory lectures, and the OSCEs. It is envisaged that this will be in the region of £165 per event. Some LOCs and employers will cover or contribute to the cost of this training and /or the OSCE.

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)

ABDO has arranged PII to cover all activity within both pathways. Services must not be undertaken until the OSCE is passed and PII is in place.  Please contact the membership department for further details

An ESD consists of lectures and workshops relating to MECS, CUES and GRM, along with recommended further GRM practice. Some of lectures may be delivered virtually prior to the event.

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Extended services for contact lens optician

To access the online modules, fill in the form below to request an access code. By accepting an access code you will allow your details to be shared between ABDO and WOPEC
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