The ABDO SEE Hub brings together ABDO’s work on social, ethical and environmental (SEE) topics.

Climate change is a word most of us have become familiar with over the past few years with many now calling it a climate emergency. Whether it is down to Greta Thunberg, Sir David Attenborough or protests the UK by Extinction Rebellion, most of us are now much more aware of the problems facing the planet. The media is full of stories discussing the human impact on our planet on a daily basis, be it air and sea pollution, biodiversity loss, deforestation or single use plastics. There are calls from ABDO members for the industry to take action on single use plastics. Some manufacturers are making moves to change their current practice, and a few companies have set up to make environmentally friendly frames. However, the current action is piecemeal and as such will lack impact. ABDO aims to bring together the industry, to assess the current state of play, and come up with recommendations for the future.

SEE Summit

Organisations, eyecare professionals and business owners came together in October for the inaugural SEE Summit on the Environment.

Watch the live recording of the event

Case studies

Discover how different businesses in the world of optics are working towards a more ethical and environmentally friendly way of working.

Thinking green with Bayfields opticians
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Working towards 100% sustainable
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Sustainability at Johnson & Johnson Vision
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Millmead aiming for B-Corp status
Discover what Millmead are doing

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