The ABDO SEE Hub brings together ABDO’s work on social, ethical and environmental (SEE) topics.

Revisit the third SEE Summit. Packed with fast moving talks about how you can make a difference in practice, watch the video to hear from speakers talking about:

  • Sustainability in the NHS
  • Procurement in practice – how one large group is buying more sustainably
  • Energy and Estates – how to become more sustainable in practice
  • Sustainability for LOCs
  • Waste in Practice – how optical practices can reuse, reduce and recycle
  • What optical practices can learn about sustainability from across primary care

You can find more resources here to help you with waste and carbon footprinting. Discover the evidence base for the carbon footprint of a sight test and learn the key causes of greenhouse gas emissions in practice. Use the sustainability policy template for your practice.

Looking for inspiration? Sit back and watch Sustainable Optometry by Simon Berry, or get practice steps based on research evidence in this talk by Elaine Grisdale, Initial Steps to Becoming a Sustainable Practice.

Check how sustainable your practice is, or submit a case study about the changes you have made.

ABDO is now carbon neutral. Find out more here. You can also read ABDO’s environmental sustainability policy.

Catch up with what went on at COP 26 and discover what’s on the agenda for COP 27.

Read The Time for Net Zero Is Now by Andrew Clark, Net Zero Manager, Practice Building.

Find more resources here.

Case studies

Want to learn more about how manufacturers and practices are becoming more sustainable? Click here for lots of great case studies.

Are you going green? We’d love to hear from you whether you are a practice owner or manager, a manufacturer or an individual. Fill in our case study form here.



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Sustainability Eco mission at 100%

DO and ABDO Regional Lead Abi Page explores what companies are doing for the environment.

Eco practice Let’s talk rubbish by Abi Page

What are you doing in your practice? Hear from Abi Page on how she is working towards a greener business.

Eco practice Planet optics- how green are we by Abi Page

Kick start your green efforts in practice.