The benefits of renewable energy and recycling for your business

If your business is not recycling, you could be missing out on a lot of benefits. It’s not just about helping the environment. There are some real, tangible benefits for businesses that support renewable energy and recycle all different types of items in the workplace.

  1. Improving environmental credentials and strengthening your brand

Customers are becoming increasingly likely to deal with businesses with proven environmental credentials. You can attract new customers and improve customer loyalty by demonstrating your environmental responsibility through renewable energy and recycling efforts.

  1. Lower waste costs

Recycling isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s actually something that can help your business’s bottom line. Recycling items such as frames, packaging, cans, glass, paper and other materials means there is less going into those waste bins every week. And since your business likely pays some type of waste management fee, you can potentially save on those bills by producing less waste.

  1. A more secure energy supply

Fossil fuels won’t last forever and supply is increasingly dependent on imports. In contrast, renewable sources occur naturally, in all regions, and won’t run out.

  1. Stable energy costs

Renewable energy sources are not subject to the same price rises as fossil fuels because of this security. If generating your own renewable energy isn’t an option, but you still want your business to go green, considering a green energy tariff can help stabilise your energy costs. Some energy suppliers get all their energy from renewable sources, so opting for them means none of the energy you use comes from fossil fuels.

  1. Future proofing

Using renewable energy is set to become more widespread. Indeed, legislation is already setting targets for its use in some new developments. Switching sooner rather than later will give you a head start in renewable energy expertise.

  1. Subsidy

A large range of subsidies are already available for businesses using renewable energy, these include the Feed in Tariff (FIT) and the Renewables Heat Incentive (RHI). See for more details. Eligible businesses can therefore benefit greatly from these deals.

  1. Exemption from paying duty under the Climate Change Levy (CCL)

This government levy is a tax on the energy used by businesses and is added onto your business energy bills. It is paid on all non-renewable energy you use and is applicable to all businesses, regardless of who your energy supplier is.

As an independent optician, you want to show your patients, customers and community that you care about their well-being. This goes much deeper than just providing them with the best quality eyecare and eyewear. You need to make smart business decisions to prove to your audience that you have their best interest at heart and that your values align with the business choices you make.

John French

Chief Executive