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Ophthalmic Lenses & Tints and coatings

C All spectacle lenses should be dispensed from a presciption provided in fulfilment of the duty imposed by section 24(2) of the Opticians Act see C4.13.1
C ABDO members can see extensive information on spectacle lenses within Ophthalmic Lens Availability online.

C 9.2.1 Patients with a single vision prescription may be dispensed with single vision enhanced or accommodative boost lenses after confirmation with the prescriber. Not to do so could be considered prescribing.

Download the ABDO guide to fitting and lens design: ABDO Lens Specification Tables (FEB2019)


C9.3.1 Blue light guidance for ABDO members

Is there evidence to use blue light filters on spectacle lenses?

There is currently insufficient evidence to generally recommend blue light filters in prescription spectacle
lenses and this has been supported by a Cochrane Review in August 2023.

This review looked at 17 random controlled trials. The authors concluded “Based on the current best available evidence, there is probably little or no effect of blue‐light filtering lenses on BCVA compared with non‐blue‐light filtering lenses. Potential effects on sleep quality were also indeterminate, with included trials reporting mixed outcomes among heterogeneous study populations. There was no evidence from RCT publications relating to the outcomes of contrast sensitivity, colour discrimination, discomfort glare, macular health, serum melatonin levels, or overall patient visual satisfaction. Future high‐quality randomised trials are required to define more clearly the effects of blue‐light filtering lenses on visual performance, macular health and sleep, in adult populations”

While there is no reason to think blue light filters in spectacle lenses have a negative effect while being worn, the balance of probabilities based on current research points to them not having a beneficial effect either.


Singh S, Keller PR, Busija L, McMillan P, Makrai E, Lawrenson JG, Hull CC, Downie LE. Blue‐light filtering spectacle lenses for visual performance, sleep, and macular health in adults. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2023, Issue 8. Art. No.: CD013244. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD013244.pub2. Accessed 21 August 2023.

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