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Examination FAQs


1. I have sent certain documents to ABDO Examinations and Registration, will I be notified that it has been received?

A: It is recommended that any documentation sent to ABDO Examinations and Registration is sent by secure mail (i.e. registered/recorded post). You will then be able to track your post to see whether it has been signed for.

2. I have made a payment to ABDO, will I get a receipt?

A: ABDO do not send out receipts. They will be available to print off from the Members Area on the ABDO website within 10 days of fees being processed.


1. When will the summer/winter examinations be held?

A: Please refer to the ABDO Examinations Calendar

2. I am not going to be able to attend on the date I have been allocated for my exams, can I change the date?

A: It is not generally possible to change the date of a candidate’s exam. Due to the limited period over which exams are held timetables are formulated to accommodate the maximum number of students so spaces are kept to a minimum.

If you are unable to attend an exam on the date allocated you will need to complete and submit a withdrawal form and reapply for a future session.

3. If I am unable to attend my exam, can I defer it?

A: ABDO Examinations and Registration do not offer automatic deferrals for exams. If you are unable to attend an exam on the date allocated you will need to complete and submit a withdrawal form and reapply for a future session.

4. Can I request a specific date for my exam?

A: ABDO do not recommend students requesting specific dates, unless there are exceptional circumstances, which will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Exam dates are published in the ABDO Examinations Calendar so please avoid the examination period when booking holidays, etc..

5. If I withdraw from an exam, will my money be held on account or will I get a refund?

A: If withdrawing from an exam, any fees paid will not be held by ABDO for future use. Refunds will only be considered once a withdrawal form has been received and are given at the discretion of the Head of Examinations and Registration. An administration charge will be deducted from any refund given. Please note that refunds will only be paid to the student, regardless of the original payee.

6. I have not yet had/passed my Practice Visit/Practice Based Assessment (BV/PBA). Can I sit my Unit 12 – Practical exams?

A: It is a GOC requirement that all PV’s/PBA’s must have been successfully completed before sitting Unit 12 – FQE Practical exam.  It is recommended that the PV/PBA is requested/conducted early in your PQP period.

7. As an ABDO College student, if I fail my Year 2 theory exams, can I still continue into year 3?

A: As far as we are aware there should be no issues with this, but you are advised to get confirmation of from ABDO College.


1. Can I have more than 2 supervisors?

A: GOC regulations stipulate a supervisor can only supervise 2 students, regardless of their mode of study, i.e. two TDOs; one TDO, one TCLO; one TCLO, one student optometrist; two student optometrists, etc..

2. What is the criteria to be a Supervisor and what is required of them?

A: Please refer to the Supervisor section.

3. When can I start recording hours/tasks for my PQP?

A: As long as a student has work in a practice, Students can start their PQP as soon as they have been given a PQP Portfolio folder by their Training        Institute. Practices/Supervisors can be registered by submitting the pink Initial Declaration form found at the beginning of the PQP Portfolio folder. Once the form has been received by ABDO Examinations and Registration and details have been checked and registered, a letter will be sent to the student confirming their date of commencement, which should be kept in your PQP Portfolio Folder. Hours can only be recorded if completed whilst under supervision at a registered practice.

4. I have entered to sit my Unit 12 – FQE Practical exam and understand that I need to send some documents from my PQP portfolio folder to ABDO Examinations and Registration. When do I need to send them?

A: You will be sent further information on how and when to present your PQP Portfolio documents.

5. I will be taking some time out from my studies, will I still be able to take my exams?

A: To be eligible to sit exams, students must either be attending a full time course or, having finished their course, be working in registered practice under registered supervision towards the completion of their PQP Portfolio.

6. I have changed practices/my supervisor has left and I did not get all my tasks/hours/case records signed, can I still use them as part of my PQP Portfolio?

A: If you are able to return to your previous practice/meet with your previous supervisor and they are able to verify the documents and sign them, then yes they can still be submitted. However, if you are no longer able to have any contact with your previous practice/supervisor, these records cannot be used.

7. I am an ABDO College student and have sent in new information relating to my practice/supervisors, can you let me know if this has been updated?

A: ABDO College, as your training institute, record supervision information as part of the course you are undertaking with them. Practice/Supervisor changes for the purpose of completing your PQP Portfolio folder should be notified to ABDO Examinations and Registration. ABDO College and ABDO Examinations and Registration do not share supervision records as they are recorded for different purposes, therefore the relevant forms should be submitted. For the purposes of your ABDO PQP Portfolio folder confirmation is sent by letter which we advise you to keep in your folder.