R9.4.3 Small Glasses Supplement (SGS)


ABDO is pleased to announce that the guidance surrounding the use of Small Glasses Supplement (SGS) has been updated.

Previously it was not permitted to use the SGS for specialist frames.  The revised guidance now permits this, so long as the reason for their use is clinical and not patient choice.

The reason for the use of such frames must be recorded in the patient’s records. The current SGS criteria of boxed centres of 55mm or less must also apply

The new guidance can be accessed here


Further to the announcement on guidance surrounding the use of small glasses supplement (SGS) we can confirm that this applies to the use of Special Facial Characteristics (SFC) supplement too.

The guidance has been updated for use of these supplements when considering frame choice in line with clinical need for all patients. Members are reminded that current rules on facial measurements, bridge parameters, and head width measurements etc. still apply and these should be recorded in the patients records cards, as well as any notes on patient status/clinical need that’s relevant to ensure records fully support all claims submitted.