Thinking Green Part 7

In this month’s article from the Thinking Green campaign, we’re revisiting recycling.

There are so many things you can recycle and some are easier than others. The aim is to put as little as possible in non-recyclable waste.

August activities

Some of these activities may take a little more planning and effort. Talk to a colleague and get others involved to help if you need.

What do you do with lunchtime food waste? If you have an outdoor space, why not set up a compost heap? And if you’re in a shopping centre ask if they collect food waste – read this case study to find out more.

Some things are harder to recycle, so you may need to seek out a specialist scheme. Here’s a list of UK recycling programmes and a great explanation of how the various schemes work.

Start your investigations into local or national schemes to recycle:
• Ink cartridges and toners
• Light bulbs
• Batteries
• Food packaging
• Old spectacles
• Spectacle cases

Stay in touch

Tell us what you’ve done this month; we’d love to see a photo of your recycling – or take a shot of how little waste there is once you have refused, reused and recycled.

We don’t have all the answers to recycling everything, so using social media will help us learn from each other and get new ideas. Use the hashtag #thinkinggreen and we’ll reshare it.

Making great progress? Why not submit a case study about your journey to sustainability?

Remember to pick at least one activity to work on this month, and watch out for another article next month with more inspiring sustainable ideas.

This article includes some of the tips that you can get after you complete the Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool, which you can find here.  If you haven’t yet done the questionnaire, it’s a great place to start your journey to a more sustainable practice in 2022. You can also opt in to get tips to your inbox each week.